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    Serving food at Lagerhaus No.5 in Eastern Market, 1529 Adelaide, Detroit!
    WED 3-8:30 (Snacks and Baked Goods only)
    THU 3-8:30, FRI 3-9:30, SAT 11-9:30, SUN Noon-6:30

  • 6. April, 10-4 PM
  • 8-Bit Con, Velodrome, Detroit
  • 7. April, 1-4 PM
  • Brewery Faisan, Detroit
  • 9. April, 5-8 PM
  • Copper Hop, St. Clair Shores
  • 12. April, 5-8 PM
  • Tombstone Brewery, Chesterfield
  • 19. April, 5-8 PM
  • Jamex Brewing, St. Clair Shores
  • 23. April, 4-9 PM
  • River's Edge, Milford
  • 26. April, 5-9 PM
  • Urbanrest, Ferndale
  • 27. April, Noon-6 PM
  • Frühlingsfest at Eastern Market Brewing, Detroit
  • 1. May, 5-9 PM
  • Copper Hop, St. Clair Shores
  • 2. May, 11:30-1:30
  • Lunch, ZF Group, Auburn Hills
  • 4. May, 3-8 PM
  • Maifest at Drafting Table, Wixom
  • 8. May, 5-8 PM
  • UCBC, Oak Park
  • 9. May, 4:30-7:30 PM
  • YNB: Seymour Lake Estates, Clarkston
  • 10. May, 5-8 PM
  • Tombstone Brewery, Chesterfield
  • 12. May, Noon-3 PM
  • Mothers Day Brunch at Brewery Faisan, Detroit
  • 15. May, 5-9 PM
  • Copper Hop, St. Clair Shores
  • 18. May, evening
  • Catering
  • 20. May, 4:30-7:30 PM
  • YNB: 54107 Ego Dr., Macomb
  • 21. May, 4-9 PM
  • River's Edge Brewing Co., Milford
  • 22. May, 4:30-7:30 PM
  • YNB: 46132 Prince Dr., New Baltimore
  • 24. May, 5-8 PM
  • Tombstone Brewery, Chesterfield
  • 29. May, 5-9 PM
  • Baffin Brewing Co., St. Clair Shores

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Our Wurst is so fresh it may just make you blush.



Crispy breaded Pork cutlet, garnished with sweet mustard aioli, fresh Lemon and Parsley

Blog Image
Schnitzel Sandwich

Crispy breaded Pork cutlet, Pretzel Bun, Sweet German Mustard Aioli, Swiss Cheese, signature Sauerkraut - our DeutschTroit original

Blog Image

Mild Pork sausage, Tomato Curry sauce, Curry dusting - a Berlin Favorite

Blog Image

Mild pork and veal sausage popular in Bavaria and usually served in the morning with Sweet Mustard

Blog Image

Handcut and deep fried potatos

Blog Image
Potato Salad

Creamy and vinegary potato salad with german pickles – yes – we got the real ones!

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Red Cabbage

Tender and tangy braised sweet-sour red cabbage

Blog Image

The Chef can’t give away his secret but very nicely seasoned and served warm

Blog Image
Potato Dumpling

Hard to describe but so delicious! Cooked and raw potatoes mixed together and formed into a dumpling

Blog Image
German Cheese Cake

Light and tasty with a flaky crust - a German delicacy!

Blog Image
Almond Poppyseed Cupcake

Delicious cupcake with rich Chocolate frosting

Blog Image
Apple Strudel

Fresh Apple, Rum raisins and so much more... and Hand whipped Cream - a favorite of Germany and Detroit alike

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